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Colourful and Fragrant: Lush Valentines 2017 Review

Lush Cupid Bath Bomb

How to use: Fill up your bath and throw it in!

Cupid Bath Bomb

Brand new to Lush for Valentines 2017. Judging by its super cute heart and arrow design Cupid bath bomb is inspired by all things traditionally Valentines. It smells sweet and fruity, sharing it’s fragrance with Razzle Dazzle bath oil. Personally I prefer the fragrance in Cupid bath bomb rather than the bath oil but you’ll have to try out both and see if you agree.

3 Ingredients

Persian Lime Oil
Lime oil has a really uplifting and zesty fragrance. It’s great for making you feel good and putting a smile on your face.

Fresh Raspberry Juice
Currently only found in Cupid bath bomb and Layer Cake soap. The fresh raspberries in Cupid are a cute addition to the formula. Raspberries are full of vitamins and are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Violet Leaf Absolute
For fans of violet scents, the Violet Leaf Absolute in this bath bomb adds a leafy floral note to the fragrance. It’s certainly not your ‘typical’ floral and mixed with the citrus oils lends a deeper edge to the zesty smell.


Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

How to use: Crumble this pastel bad ass under a running tap for loads of bubbles. 

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

A returning favourite to the Valentines range Unicorn Horn bubble bar is a pastel mash-up that’s as nice to look at as it is to use. Definitely one of my favourite looking bubble bars (I’m all about those pastel hues), this is packed full of lavender oil making it my favourite for relaxing night time baths.

3 Ingredients

Neroli Oil
A super cheerful essential oil! Perfect for days when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps.

Snowflake, Lemon Ice and Silver Glimmer Lustre
The lustres used at Lush are food grade and free from plastics. This means you can crumble this sparkly wonder into your bath tub without having to worry about any plastic glitters or sparkle harming our oceans.

Lavender Oil
Perfect for bedtime baths, lavender oil is calming and soothing. Helping you let go of the stresses of the day and drift off to sleep.

How to use: Crumble this very happy emoji while running your bath for lots of bubbles. 

Lovestruck Bubble Bar

Another new product invention for Valentines day 2017! The idea of an emoji inspired bath bomb initially came from a Lush staff member as part of a meeting, the idea was so well received that it made it’s way into the Valentines range in the form of Lovestruck bubble bar.
A brand new fragrance featuring uplifting citrus oils and floral notes, it even including one of my absolute favourites – geranium oil.

3 Ingredients

Sicilian Lemon Oil
Usually the top note in most fragrances, lemon oil is a light scent and gives this bubble bar an uplifting and fresh initial burst.

Geranium Oil
A floral scent similar to rose though not typically what you might expect from a floral scent. Great at promoting emotional wellness and uplifting the mood. Perfect for such a smiley bubble bar!

Petitgrain Oil
Another uplifting oil to put a spring in your step! Great for helping relieve day to day stresses. Petitgrain has a refreshing and sweet smell.

These three are definitely my favourite Lush Valentine’s bath products this year, I’m not usually a fan of citrus oils and feel they can be a little bit overused but they are popular with most people so it makes sense to feature them so heavily in the range.
I would happily Unicorn Horn bubble bars all year round if I could but it looks like I’ll be sticking to stocking up on these whenever Valentines comes around.

Have you tried any of these, what did you think?
Do you have a favourite from the 2017 Valentines range?

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