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Design Roundup: Lovely Line Art by Noritake

Noritake illustrationNoritake is a Japanese illustrator who has been featured in various fields from advertising to fashion. He is known for his quirky and simplistic line art style and since 2003 has participated in various exhibitions.

His work is understated but still has a lot of cute and unique spirit, working in black and white with monochromatic or minimal colour palettes.Noritake illustrationHis illustrations have been used for advertisements for Japanese brands and also for magazine and book covers like those below. The uncluttered nature of his work means that the covers really stand out when on a shelf and his style really speaks to the harmony and minimalism that some Japanese people adore.

It is a style that is difficult to replicate without losing what makes it inherently ‘Noritake’ meaning he has built a strong career in Japan without having to stray too far away from his design aesthetic.

Noritake illustration brutusNoritake also produces various goods featuring his illustrations – T-shirts, tote bags and pens are all available. You can find a whole host of artist good over at his online store and they are also sometimes sold in design shops in Japan. The minimal and tongue in cheek approach throughout his illustrations is very evident in products like ‘This Is A Pen‘  showcasing his humour alongside his unfussy style.

I’m a huge fan of Noritake’s illustrations. I think they have a strong nostalgic and very Japanese feeling to them that it is difficult to find elsewhere.

If you’d like to see more line art illustrations, check out my Pinterest board. 

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