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Tokyo Metro Manner Posters 2014
I’m definitely a Tokyo Metro ‘manner posters’ addict! I just can’t help loving the time and thought that goes into transforming the rules of riding on the Tokyo Metro in to mini works of art!
These 2013 designs might not feature cute animal characters like the 2014 posters, but they are still a total joy to look at.

The colour palette here is strong and bright and each posters use of limited colours as well as distinct illustration style really makes the artwork cohesive and memorable. You’ll find every rule here in illustrated form, from things like giving up your seat for the pregnant/elderly all the way to not taking a nap on a strangers shoulder.

The man getting hit in the face by a musical note and the poor old lady getting knocked over by someones luggage are some of my personal favourites. Such familiar imagery for anyone thats ever ridden the Tokyo Metro but illustrated with such humour.
Which one’s your favourite?

See more Tokyo Metro manner posters on my Pinterest board

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