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Make Your Derrière Great Again: Rump Bottom Rub Review – Lush Summit 2017 Exclusive

Lush Rump Bottom Rub - Lush Summit 2017

How to Use: Rub this cream anywhere that clothing might rub or irritate the skin, or use it anywhere on the body that’s in need of soothing and moisture

Rump Bottom Rub

Now for something completely different from Lush, gifted to managers at the Lush Summit 2017, Rump Bottom Rub is a brand new product fresh from the creative minds at Lush – with a very topical product name.
Dubbed a ‘bottom rub’ this product is more like a very thick and luxurious body lotion. It is predominately designed to help the aches and pains regular bike riders, but hints at helping the aches and pains we might be feeling with the worlds current affairs. It is packed full of rich butters and oils, making it perfect for anyone who has felt the inevitable chaffing of clothing against the skin during exercise or day to day life.

3 Ingredients

Cupuacu Butter
Packed full of fatty acids this nourising ingredient also helps with the rich texture of the product.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera gel is known for it’s cooling and soothing effects making it a great addition. It is going to help with any aches and pains as well as sore skin issues.

Avocado Butter
Helps to rehdrate skin in need of a moisture boost. The Avocado fruit also contains oil that can help soothe skin.

Lush Rump Bottom Rub - Lush Summit 2017 Swatch

The consistency of Rump Bottom Rub is quite different to a lot of the current Lush body lotions on offer. It is a really thick and buttery consistency similar to something like Handy Gurugu. Smoothing onto the skin really nicely it sinks in without leaving any oily feeling.
Soothing chamomile blue and lavender oils make up part of the subtle floral fragrance of Rump Bottom Rub. Personally it isn’t my favourite type of scent, but it certainly isn’t offensive and will be liked by most people.
I don’t feel I really have a need for a product like this in my life but I can definitely see how useful it might be and it is full of ingredients that are going to help soothe any irritated skin issues I might find in the future.

Lush Rump Bottom Rub - Lush Summit 2017


A bit of an unusual product for the cosmetics market but full of ingredients that make it more than a novelty. Perfect for anyone in need of some post-election humour. A rich consistency with a subtle floral fragrance,  good for skin that suffers from chafing or is sore and dry.

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