What is Whimsical Club

Whimsical club is all about enjoying the cute, colourful and unusual. It is a place for those who enjoy embracing nostalgia, seeking out adorable treasures, championing their quirks, and learning about cool stuff.  

At Whimsical Club you will find

Japanese Culture & Travel
Be empowered to follow your dreams with tips and tricks on planning and booking that trip to Japan!

Let me share with you the parts of Japan that I enjoy the most. From it’s cute character designs to it’s crowded back streets, I’ll share with you the quirky and unusual.

Asian Beauty
Korean and Japanese cosmetics are taking the world by storm because of their effective ingredients and unique packaging. Check out product reviews and recommendations from all of the best brands.

Colourful Design
Regular roundups of bright and colourful graphic design from around the world. Keeping your life and your browsing history popping with colour.

Regular interviews with artists, illustrators and designers who are inspired by colour, Japan and all things cute.

About Danny

I’m Danny (also known as Whimsical Boy) – I promote adventures, individualism, and seeking happiness in everything you do.

As a Sailor Moon obsessed teenager I saved up what little money I had to take a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Tokyo. I fell completely in love with the city and have found a way to go back every year since then.
I find joy in learning about Japanese pop culture, kawaii characters and quirky design. One of my main passions is sharing with others just how awesome these things are!

Whimsical Club is not just a place for fanciful thoughts. I followed my dreams over a decade ago when I first went to Japan and want to empower you to do the same. Our dreams are within our reach!

I’d love to hear from you, so lets be friends!
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